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Deciding the type of small business to start, a first-time entrepreneur should look into various ways to invest his money safely and profitably. We offer a brilliant business idea! It is one of the latest innovation in vending technology – Fast Key, a self-serve key vending kiosk.                                                    


Characteristic features of the Fast Key Vending Machine:
1. A brand new vending machine type.
2. A visually appealing design.
3. An instantly recognizable design, with the FastKey Logo which distinguishes itself quickly and easily.


A fast , easy and affordable way of making keys, low prices on key blanks and accessories, no need for additional operating personnel, and a short payback period constitute the prime advantages of the Fast Key Vending Machine.

The Fast Key Vending Machine is a business with a quick return of capital: Money – Commodity – Money. The cost of equity (the startup cost of vending machines) can get regained over and over again during the life cycle of the machines.

One factor that contributes to the success of a vending machine business is the placement of the machine itself. Let’s suppose that a vending machine could make 3, 000 keys a day, but only 1% of this number was made by its customers. The prime cost of a key blank is about 20 rubles, the cost of a ready-made key is 100 rubles, so the profit gained on making one key is 80 rubles. If you sell 10 keys a day, your profit will amount to 24, 000 rubles a month. If you sell 30 keys a day, your profit will grow to 72 000 rubles a month.

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PAYBACK PERIOD SCHEDULE for the Fast Key Vending Machine.

The internal revenue rate of the vending machine being high, it can be marketed in foreign countries.

The Fast Key Vending Machine sorts out problems that arise in emergency situations and sends error information to its owner through the Internet. Thus, the owner of the machine is able to maintain awareness of the operation of his “vendor”. The customized software is supplied along with each vending machine enabling fast and efficient monitoring and operating this machine.

Here is just a brief list of capabilities of the Fast Key Vending Machine:

- vending machine connection monitoring (ON - OFF);
- vending machine operation monitoring (operational readiness, customer, error, preparation, service);
- bill acceptor controlling over the receipt of bills;
- controlling the delivery of key blanks and accessories;
- sending error and malfunction messages;
- archiving (logging) all events and messages for each vending machine;
- remote monitoring and control of process parameters of vending machines;
- remote programming internally programmed vending machines;
- remote reporting from vending machines;
- viewing event and message log entries as per vending machine (s) over a particular period of time;

It is worth noting that a vending machine business is a stable and almost recession proof business. Even in time of economic crisis, vending machines are in good demand with the population of many countries

Fast Key Vending Machine can make almost all known types of electronic keys (except for car keys and security alarm system keys), as well as sell various key fobs and accessories at customers’ options.

Translation of words, new trend in vending business; a bright business idea; for making keys.